The power of creativity


The power of creativity. My works are characterised by a high level of craftsmanship and well thought-out artistic concepts, but also poetic qualities and references to nature. This is only a brief introduction to a complex of themes that has been burning on my mind for some time.

The simple recognition of a core of art, the power of creativity, is no longer something one encounters so often in the culture industry. Today, many artists, exhibitions and festivals tell stories of origin, trauma, rupture, destruction and dissent. It is mostly about differences instead of commonalities. The simple joy of creating, producing and showing something, of astounding the viewer or even freeing them for a moment from their possible lethargy, has been transformed into an effort to bring a different perspective to the audience.

As important and liberating as these cultural, ethnic, social or sexual broadenings of horizons can be, they always send exhibition visitors back to their seats: You see art that emerges from a specific experience of the world and translates it into form; you are not part of what you see here.

The art world wants to decolonise itself, to deal with bad experiences in history and the present, which is of course also with good reason and also very, very important. L'art pour l'art, art without a purpose, quickly comes across as sinister, even alien. Under no circumstances should it be about concealing, suppressing, living and enjoying at the expense of others or the future. And yet art should - at least from time to time - remember the social-ethical idea of "a good life". Sanssouci Palace - "without care" was Frederick the Great's favourite place. I found it quite charming and an enchanting idea to name this place in this way, which is also very special to me. Perhaps I will succeed in transporting the viewer of my paintings into a brief state without worry.

The work shown above, Japanese ornamental quince, 5 Tanzaku formats 8x36cm, backed with red Japanese ikat silk is part of my exhibition -Sanftmut in der Natur Eine Stille Ruhe- Haus der Fotografie, Burghausen from 18.03. -07.05.2023.