Museum Villa Rot Steffen Diemer at Galerie Albert Baumgarten


Last weekend, an art fair took place at Museum Villa Rot, where our gallery owner Albert Baumgarten had shown me.

It really is a wonderful house, with impressive premises. Albert showed a small selection of new works, which I thought were well received by the public.

The villa was built in 1912 by Raymund von Fugger (1870 - 1949), who came from a collateral line of the Augsburg Fuggers, on the hill overlooking the valley of the Rot. The architect Balthasar von Hornstein-Gr√ľningen (1873 - 1920) incorporated the existing, old trees into the planning of the park and a country palace, called Fuggerschl√∂sschen, was created in style pluralism with skilfully mixed baroque, classicist and art nouveau elements.

Alexandra von Hornstein (1903-1932), who came from the neighbouring Orsenhausen Palace, acquired the estate in 1925, which was handed over empty. She lived in the castle together with Feodora Christ, a school friend from their years at boarding school, until her suicide.

My works fit seamlessly into the great ensemble. I can really recommend a visit to the Villa Rot Museum.