Sources of inspiration


Sources of inspiration! I am often asked what exactly I am inspired by and what inspires me.
That's not such an easy question to answer, because many things work together for me. Often I pass by something and something flashes in me, like with this wonderful vase from my friend.
Here I was fascinated by the structure and the colour gradient through the firing. Memories are evoked, linked with my imagination, I then see the picture exactly in front of me of how everything should look.
Small things that are often overlooked in everyday life also create images in my head and are sources of inspiration.

But also great works, especially those of the Renaissance and the Baroque. Painters like Rembrandt, Adrien Corde, altars like the Isenheimer or the Genter Altar, created by Jan van Eyck and his older brother Hubert van Eyck.

Japanese culture, which I had the privilege of getting to know intensively, is an endless source of inspiration for me. Painters like Hasegawa Tōhaku, literary figures likeTanizaki Jun'ichirō, Matsuo Bashōor Saigyō
My approach to work is still influenced by this today.

But what also inspires me above all is my immediate environment. People who are very familiar to me, who support me, give me love and security and give me strength. Strength to find my inner peace and to be able to let myself in. In addition, there are my many journeys, encounters and experiences that have allowed me to get to know a lot. Above all myself.

The beauty of nature, transience, loneliness, to name but a few, are inspiration for me from which something grows again and again.

Looking tirelessly
I have become so familiar
with the blossoms,
that the parting, as they fall,
fills me all the more with pain.

Saigyō, poems from the mountain hermitage, Sankashu around the year 1216