Finissage at the House of Photography Burghausen


Finissage at the Haus der Fotografie in Burghausen. It was a truly beautiful finale on 19.05.2023 of one of the most beautiful exhibitions I have had to date.
The final tribute to my exhibition, Gentleness in Nature, a Quiet Calm, was held by the renowned feature correspondent of the FAZ, Hannes Hintermeier.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the director Ines Auerbach of the House of Photography and the Dr. Robert Gerlich Museum and her staff for the very, very good cooperation. Everything was done with a lot of love, right down to the flowers we collected ourselves from a meadow for the table vases at the finissage. It really couldn't have been better. Thanks to the town of Burghausen, the first mayor Florian Schneider, and the many visitors. Thanks also to the representatives of the press and television for the good coverage and the kind words. (link: text: The musician and master Dieter TairyĆ» Strehly - Shakuhachi, who dressed my vernissage so wonderfully with the Zen flute. Ursula Zeidler, for the many great photographs taken during the various events. Many thanks for the numerous positive feedbacks I received from all sides. I was very happy about it.

Last but not least, my partner Kirsten, for her patience, love and support.