My new homepage goes online today


It has been a very, very long way to get to this point. Because it is not only a new homepage, but also the inner farewell to my more than 20 years of work as a documentary photographer, which has taken me to 4 continents and more than 70 countries. Not always easy, but there were also beautiful moments that I remember with pleasure. Acquaintances became friends over the years, such as my long-time interpreter in Afghanistan Homajun, whom I will always remain close to, even if we have not been able to see each other personally for a few years now.
Unfortunately, many of those I particularly liked also left. Two of them who will always have a place in my heart are Tim and my friend Kasim. I will always think of you!
What I am today and what my art shows is also a result of the many people I have met over the years and who have left their traces in me. Very formative for me were Akoli a Tuareg with whom I travelled through the Sahara on my way to Libya, Dr Rab with whom I travelled through Afghanistan, Walter from South Africa, Markus Wolf, Sara Wagenknecht, Albert Baumgarten, General Egon Ramms, Brigadier General Johann Berger, Reinhold Würth, Natalie Payer, Andrea Schröter, the Dalai Lama and last but not least Fidel Castro.

Today I have the good fortune to work with Hannah Schemel, a wonderful person and an equally wonderful photographer. Our works enter into a unique symbiosis and combine many things that cannot be expressed in words.

Der Silberbildermacher from Steffen Diemer on Vimeo.