Chrysanthemums Still Life by Steffen Diemer


Chrysanthemum Still Life by Steffen Diemer. Ambrotype on black glass, unique.
I create exclusively unique works. Unfortunately these are difficult to present here on the internet. The original is no comparison at all. Therefore I always recommend a visit to one of my gallery owners to see the works for yourself. You will be surprised.
I will describe the creation of my works in one of my next posts. The chrysanthemum is a plant that I have only started to work with this year. I am fascinated by
Chrysanthemums first came to Europe at the end of the 17th century, and in 1862 Robert Fortune sent cultivars from Japan to Europe, which became the basis for European chrysanthemum breeding. Chrysanthemum varieties are used worldwide as ornamental plants for parks, gardens and as cut flowers. The garden chrysanthemum is even considered "one of the most important horticultural crops". The number of varieties is now estimated at several thousand.

A stylised 16-leaf chrysanthemum flower serves as the national and imperial seal of Japan.The chrysanthemum was already cultivated as a flowering herb in China in the 15th century BC. There it was considered to be a sublime plant with special powers. It was so extraordinary that only the nobility had permission to plant this flower in their gardens. In the 8th century the chrysanthemum was introduced to Japan, where the emperor declared the flower the national symbol of the country.

I like the Chrysanthemum because of its sublimity and great colour variation. It is possible to create a work of great tonality and delicacy.
In the following you have a small insight how a work I have arranged before shows itself to me in the camera.

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